Time flies by way to fast

Time flies by way to fast. I got back here to Frederic Monday afternoon and the rest of the week has been a blur. Pulled out of SD on sat afternoon and headed off to Bassett Nebraska where I visited and spent the night at a friends there and then off early the next morning to Omaha for a visit with another friend there. It seems like it took me a couple days to get rested up after I got back. Nothing to new or exciting in Frederic besides I have been working on my big fence project at the storage units. I am fencing the entire property with 6 foot and barbwire so we can do outside storage for trailers, boats, campers and RV’s. That’s a pretty big undertaking and I hope to have that finished up by labor day. I will have to post some pictures on here next week or so. Below is  a picture of the Budweiser Clydesdales taking a stroll down main street in Sturgis and in the back ground is my friends place that I was working with out there. “Mr. Als”.  Always something to watch out there. Just like snowmobiling there were way to many deaths out there but on motorcycles. 17 last I knew compared to only 6 last year. Thanks for checking in. Pete

mr als

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