Time flies by fast but that makes winter get here sooner

Well a couple weeks flew by since my last update but that is 2 weeks closer to winter. 2 weeks ago I went out to Salt Lake City and then got a car and drove up into Wyoming so I could go to the Mountain Man Rendevous in Fort Bridger. I know that would make the Frederic Mountain Man really jealous. I have to say it was a way bigger event than I thought it would be and there was a lot to see and do there. Anything to do from the fur trade era of 1825 to 1840 and most were dressed in period correct clothing. They had tomahawk & knife throwing, flint lock guns, archery, dutch oven, many Indians and probably 300 tee pees set up. Funny thing is that I hadn’t heard from the Frederic Mountain Man in at least 3 months and when I got back he had left me a message on my phone so at least I know he is still alive. I still haven’t got to talk to him. A couple weeks before the rendezvous I had a call from Wyoming from a lady that wants to buy a house in Frederic, I asked her if she lived near fort bridger and she said yes and that her and her husband always go to the event. We hit it off well and she flew to Michigan and should be buying a house soon but the best part was that she invited me up to their place in the mountains about an hour from Fort Bridger in a town called Kemmerer. What a different way of life and wide open spaces up there. They are completely off the grid and in the winter they have to ride their sleds 7 miles each way just to get to their trucks to go to work. They are trading that all in for Frederic. It was worth the trip out there just to have a chance to see a completely different way of life. Also a lot of smoke in the air from fires burning on the other side of the mountain ridge. So that’s about it for that. This weekend is the firemens memorial down in Roscommon so I will be down there for the weekend. Thanks for checking in and below are some pics from my trip. PeteĀ FullSizeRender IMG_7916 IMG_7917 IMG_7924 IMG_7989 IMG_7992 IMG_7999 IMG_8002 IMG_8042

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