Its a great time to be riding

Its another below zero morning here at Lake Margrethe. No new snow overnight either. The outlook for the next few days is comfy temps and then I am afraid after this weekend its going to start warming up and we are going to be into early spring riding which is going to involve off trail riding. It wont take to much warm to melt off the little snow we do have on the trails. I sure don’t like to say that as it seems like we just got riding started. You do have to remember that this is Michigan and we could still get that big spring snowstorm too. Boy those people out east were way to lucky this year.

Had a great ride on Wednesday over to Bois Blanc Island, Doing that 7 mile crossing from Cheboygan  is not for the person that likes a smooth straight trail. Conditions were rough with giant ice push ups to navigate. Being out there in the blowing wind and then crossing clear lake huron ice also makes you think. The islanders that live there full time (about 65 of them) cross it all the time and put the tree line out. It looks like the moon surface when you are out there. When I hit shore I went up to the north end then crossed about a half mile over to round island and wanted to get to the lighthouse. Things were pretty rough on the north side of the island and I got to viewing distance of the lighthouse but left it at that. Back across again to the BBI and headed down the east side, major snow drifts along there and way out to the east the clouds were touching the lake and it looked like a tornado, very erie. I went by my favorite hunting and camping spots and there was 2 feet of snow most everywhere. I finished up my circle tour with a visit with a friend of mine, Victor has lived on the island his whole life and is now in his 80s. I also stopped by Larrys to see him but he had gone to town. Larry is the guy that takes all the very cool Mackinaw bridge pictues that I post in here. All in all a very nice 60 mile ride. Thanks for checking in. Pete100_5246 100_5255 100_5237 100_5241 100_5258 100_5259 100_5260 photo 1 100_5254

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