Thursday night update on return from Alaska

Below I am pasting Waynes update from last night as he works his way back from his round trip one week motorcycle trip to Alaska. I only wish I could be at Spikes tonight when he comes riding back in. We are heading off for the U.P. tonight to camp near the Munoscong River in just outside of Pickford. So looking forward to a weekend in dah u.p. There is no phone or internet where we are going to so it will be a few days till I can get Waynes final trip update on here. Here is Waynes update.

After a pretty long day I am in Grand Rapids, MN.  It looks like about 600 miles on Friday and I hope to be in by 8:00 PM.  Not much happened today except a little look thru by the border people.  Weather was great and the roads were fast.I will give everyone a final report on this trip after its finished but I want to say think you to everyone that donated or helped make this fund raiser possible.  Each year we come a little closer to eliminating this terrible disease.  Your participation brings the day that will happen a little bit closer.

Thanks again.
End Polio Now.
It will be good to be home.
Wayne Koppa
Grayling Rotary Club
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