Thursday Morning, the birds are chirping

Its about 5 on Thursday morning and the birds are chirping pretty heavy outside, I have been up for over an hour and just cant get back to sleep with to much going thru my mind. Frederic is getting ready for their Frederic Music Festival the last weekend of this month. They had a good turn out last year and I know they are looking forward to it again this year. Thank you to everyone that posted comments on our last post about Ellie. I have been a few days behind now on Waynes trip and updates. He started out Monday morning from Prudhoe Bay to head for Key West, There has only been one update from him and one from a friend he stopped to see so I will post those. I would imagine he should have a new one up today. He is a riding machine, that Haul road north of Fairbanks is all dirt and mud and 500 miles long. That is on my list to do on my next Alaska trip, which cant come soon enough. So here are the new Coast to Coast the Hard Way updates…….Its starting – The Rotary District 6890 “Coast to Coast The Hard Way” to raise funds for the eradication of Polio.

It is 5:00 AM in Prudhoe, 31 degrees and I hope to be on my way by  6:00.
I have everything I really need at this point.  My GPS is out but we have maps.  Missing a sidestand spring (their are two) where the lug was broken off by most likely a rock.
400 of the most difficult road is going to happen or not happen today.  While the Alcan highway is no piece of cake its much more forgiving than the haul road.
Total mileage here was right about 4,500.  Mileage to Key West should be around 5,800 (add a little or a lot if I get lost very often).
These next eight days (or more) is where we have the most opportunity to raise money to End Polio Now.
Please contact just a few people, give them the attached flyer and this web site link:

Jun 17 at 3:43 AM
Having trouble with internet availability.

I am in Tok, Alaska, did about 750 miles today.
I checked out of Prudhoe Bay at 6:15 AM and left with temperature at about 33 degrees.   After 40 miles temp rose into the  50 degree range.  The first 10 miles out of town gets a lot of use so its pretty soft.
The early part of the ride was good weather and then after Coldfoot it started to rain off and on.  The road became soupy in places but the bike was just fine with it.  Only had one little slide and it would not have mattered if I fell because I couldn’t get any muddier than I already was.  Dancing with the big trucks keeps your mind off the weather.
Spotted a wolf between Coldfoot and Fairbanks.  Just as I was hitting last gas a group motorcycle tour was working north on the road.  They were all on rental bikes and some of them were not very enthused about the weather.  They had only been on the unpaved section for a few miles and one bike was already loaded up.  One of them was from Colorado and he had property in Kalkaska.
I made a run at the Turtle Club to eat but they were not serving for an hour so I headed south.
Between Big Delta and Tok noticed two moose and something I think was a caribou or elk.
I should be crossing into Canada tomorrow.
On On
Greetings from the Yukon!

Wayne it was an honour to meet up with you today in my hometown of Whitehorse, Yukon. I enjoyed our dinner and chats.
As a follow up here are the photos that were taken.
Thanks again for your efforts to raise funds and awareness for a polio free world!
Your efforts make a difference and mean so much!
Safe Travels!
Take Care my friend,
Ramesh Ferris
Polio Survivor
Whitehorse, Yukon
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