Thursday afternoon Frederic 1:34

It took meĀ  a long time to get to Frederic today as we have our weekly century 21 meeting on Thursdays. I had 2 riders call earlier that had rode up from Higgins lake and I have 3 riders in here now that just rode up from Higgins lake too. Ray & Jolie Watkins and Mike “poptart” Kerr are in here and I caught them crossing the trail earlier up by the high school, their pictures are below and they wanted me to send a shout out to Henry, Frank and Jill and they say you should have come up to ride. Its a great ride right now for what it is. Thin but rideable. Just water skip over the puddles. Now if I can get myself out there. The snow comes and goes in between sleet and ice but we still have a long ways to go to get to a foot of new snow. We have about 4 inches of the thick heavy stuff now. Thanks for checking in. Pete

IMG_0611[1] IMG_0610[1]

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