Thursday afternoon 6:00 p.m.

Coming at you from the University of Colorado in Boulder, left grand rapids this morning and got to Boulder here about 3. Walked downtown a bit and rented a bicycle, its 50, sunny and warm here. Where the heck is the snow. I am in my daughters office, sure wish I could go up in the mountains and rent a sled. Now on to Frederic, misty and snowing and blowing in Frederic today. I was just on one of my cameras and saw a sled riding thru the back parking lot. There were sleds in today including the Alabama Boys and they had Big John was with them. Also the Vacation Team stopped in to see me and wanted to send a shout out to Dick and Joyce. Schools were cancelled today because of a little bit of ice this morning. Right now conditions are still good and who knows if how they will hold up for the weekend. Thats about it for now. Going out with Melissa and some of her friends. Not sure if I can update tommorow or not. I thought the snow was light in Frederic and you would think of Denver would be full of snow. Only up on the mountain tops and in the corners of parking lots. Thanks for checking in. Pete

Boulder,Co , bike ride

Boulder,Co , bike ride

Illegal Petes, Boulder

Illegal Petes, Boulder , Co

deicer on the plane wing

Deicing the plane wing in grand rapids, runway was slick

Melissa's crew at UC

Melissa’s crew at CU, Boulder


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