This IS the first day of Winter, coming in like a LION

In like a lion with a big roar, been plowing snow at my houses and around the shop here, It is now 10:20 and its 21 degrees and snowing and blowing pretty hard. Both my phone lines in the shop here are dead which kills my dsl but I fired up the hotspot on my phone to be able to do this. I measured 6 solid inches of snow on my picnic table which I think is great considering all the rain we had last night that knocked it down. I took video along the way this morning on the way here but have to put it together yet. There are alot of tree limbs down around the nieghborhood here and I would bet there are alot of trees across the trails too like that last heavy snow we got last winter. I heard that yesterday a car lost control and ended up in Lake Margrethe along M 72 just west of Grayling and then I saw my friend Bernie who told me his story of adventure from yesterday. Bernies wife Anita saw this car go into the water and she went out to help them. A 80 year old guy and his wife from Alpena. It wasnt so much that they went that far into the lake when they slid into the water but the darn thing floated when they hit and took them out further, luckily the lake is pretty shallow all along in there. Anita brought them back to their house to dry out their clothes in the dryer and then their power went out. So they took them over to my buddy Bobs house to finish drying the clothes out there, and then Bobs power went out. From there they went into town to the laundramat to dry em out and then to Spikes for lunch and then they took them to gaylord to get a rental car so they could get back home to Alpena…….You just never know whats gonna happen but it was a good ending to the story. I ended up plowing  out front of Sledheads here because it was so deep and bermed up from the snowplow…..So on to my morning chores and I will try and get video on later on today. Thanks for checking in. Pete


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