This is it. Thats what Michael Jackson was saying when the excitement of his new tour was building and then WHAMO, that was it. It was over, done, finished. Well the same thing has happned to us this past week. Last sunday it looked like a Thriller when we had snow on the ground and a few sleds got out to ride and monday the first sleds of the season rode into frederiic and it looked like our tour for the winter was going to happen, then slowly it looked like the weather was saying to mother nature to Beat It and slowly it lead up to last night when it rained and rained and rained harder and now this morning there is nothing but fog and grass showing outside. So WHAMO,This Is It for snowmobiling and now ulnlike MJ we at least have a chance to start over. So the wait is on once again. Will the snow come as easy as ABC and we can all say Dont Stop till We Get Enough?. All we can do is think positive for the snow and you know you will hear from me again because I Never Can Say Goodbbye…..Pete

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