This is it……

This is it,as MJ would say and as I sit at home this morning its already at 43 degrees. So we pretty much know what is going to happen today I will go on to yesterday. Everyone seemed to want to do the same thing and get in a ride before the warmth hits us. Ohio Brian and I headed out yesterday afternoon up trail 7 towards Gaylord and then turned off onto trail 4 on up to lakes of the north. Overall still good conditions with still over a foot of snow in the woods where we checked. At the Settings at lakes of the north they were setting up for their Winter Fest for today and tomorrow. Sleds were practicing doing jumps there yesterday. I have never seen them do this in person before but it was very impressive as the snowpile they were jumping to was over 20 feet tall and they were double that in height. Here is a link to video and pics I took yesterday Lakes of the North Winterfest    They are prepared for a huge crowd and have lots of parking for cars and sleds with a shuttle. Be sure to wear your boots as I would be there will be some melting out there. I am betting there will be a big crowd there as I think trails are going to die out quick. So now we wait for winter to return? if it will……..Sledheads will be open so stop by if you are out and about. Thanks for checking in. PeteIMG_3842 IMG_3838IMG_3839 IMG_3829 IMG_3827 IMG_3824 IMG_3825

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