This is It….

As Michael Jacksons last song said This is IT!!  Yes this is the end of the the snowmobile season that we will all agree was the weakest we have ever seen. There is still ice on Lake Margrethe but the snow has been gone for a long time. I am coming at you from just outside the gates of Disney from Bonnet Creek Resort. We left home Thursday and are heading back home in a few days. Thank you to everyone that did come in to see me this winter and enjoy what winter we did have. So only 8 months till the new season starts, hopefully better and that will be the 19th season for Sledheads of Frederic, boy am I getting old. I look forward to hearing from people thruout the summer and of course this page kind of turns into my life story during the summer. I will try to update every couple weeks or so with any Frederic news too. I saw the sled fatalites were at 15 for the season which is about the same as last year. So from sunny florida here is one picture for you and a little MJ too     Thanks for checking in and THINK SNOW. Pete



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