This is It

This is It, as Michael Jackson would say. The end of the 2013-14 snowmobile season, or at least the last grooming will be happening. I know a few years ago some places in the u.p. tried to get the grooming extended because the snow was so good. With the great snow that is still up there I wonder if they will try again this year. In anycase there is still a lot of snow out there in spots around Frederic so I would think there will still be people out and about. I see another post on my sledheads facebook page from a guy that rode around Frederic and Gaylord on Saturday. Thank you to all of you that stopped in to seem me this winter along with all the regulars and also the new people. This year was the safest year in a long time with only 13 deaths. I know I say “only” but I remember one year where there were 40 deaths. So this morning I am coming to you as Sledheads of Santa Maria, which I don’t think is a good place for a sled shop. We headed up the coast yesterday to San Simeon to a visit to Hearst Castle and are just heading back south down the coast now. Thanks for checking in. Pete, Haley, and Cathy

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