This Hurts

This Hurts. It was 50 plus in Frederic yesterday and that is really putting the hurt to us. We lost a lot of snow yesterday but on the bright side we have a lot of snow. Still have to wait to see if trails will make it to the weekend or if its going to be all off trail. On the other hand here in Kalamazoo there is a storm that is supposed to hit and leave up to 6 inches here for tomorrow. To bad I couldn’t go out for a ride. Cathy was up at Sledheads last night and she said the snow and ice was melting pretty good and giving me a nice flood inside in the back room. That’s no fun when that happens. Here is a link to a pretty cool video I saw just to give you a little entertainment.     Like I said last week one thing about spending time with my mom is we just get to set here and watch a lot of tv. Yesterday we had a record run as I sat on the couch with her holding her hand, we got in two episodes each of Bonanza and Gunsmoke. I have been sleeping near her on a couch and this morning first thing she said was that she wished she had a tape recorder because I was snoring pretty good. Then she said Poor Cathy……she still has a good sense of humor. So that’s enough for today. Thanks for checking in. Pete

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