The Winter Roller Coaster continues….

Wow what a roller coaster of winter it has been, on again off again. While friday looked like we were off again once again we lose it the next morning which made saturday a pretty ugly day as the time went on with sleet and rain kicking in and that made us lose most of what we had gained, then overnight I wake up and we have about 1 to 2 new inches of nice almost good system snow and it is continuing to snow here in frederic with ti being 16 degrees right now. But,,,,after I left home as I was driving into grayling the sun popped out and made it look like it was gonna be a way to bright and sunny day, but then just as fast as that happened BOOM, white out conditions and dark and stormy looking on the way to frederic and thats what it still looks like. They are still saying we are going to get good snow all day today along with predictions of snow all of this coming week……So your guess is as good as mine on what will really happen. I had a call from Len who is the president of the Indiana snowmobile association wondering what to think about their annual ride that is scheduled for next weekend in grayling. Right now it looks like things should be able to happen for them but you know how fast things can turn around. Actually outside here in looking at tire tracks in the drive there is 4 to 5 inches and that could be some drifting as I see 2 piles of snow in my back room that blew in under the door overnight, that doesnt happen very often. Alot of this roller coaster winter reminds me alot of some of the real estate sales I have been involved in lately, On again off again and you just dont know if its going to happen. For the most part they always happen sooner or later and that is the way it is with this winter. We drove down to Big Rapids last night to have birthday dinner with Melissa and it was rain most of the way down and most of the way back until we hit higgins lake and then it was white out conditions about 10 last night but by the time we hit grayling it was back to clear again….like I said Roller Coaster…..So enough rambling for now unless I mention the fact that our dinner in Big Rapids consisted of 4 cans of Spam. Actually my mom and brother came up from Kzoo to join us so that was nice, My mom will be 90 on April 1st and she is hanging in there pretty well so its nice to see her get out…Also for my birthday I had the honor of going to buy a new refridgerator yesterday as ours convieniently quit working yesterday….I like that, not very much…o.k. I will shut up and I just heard the first sleds of the morning pull up. Thanks for checking in. Pete

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