The Wait is on for new snow

There were sleds out and about some on Saturday in Frederic but for the most part it was pretty slow. The good thing was that the temps went down to 31 from 37 and we did get a little bit of wet snow coming down but we have a long ways to go. I went to the trail at the north end of Frederic at Hulbert road and the groomer had been down from Gaylord so that was good. Riders that have called and asked me what I think and what I say is that yes you can get a ride in. Will it be great, no but I have seen a lot worse than this before so just take what you can. A couple thing I have been meaning to mention all week is that I made signs that say STAY AWAY FROM THE TRACKS, BIG FINE!  I mounted them on small wooden stakes and placed them along the ditch across the street from the shop here where the fence ends and all the way up to the corner. I did this last sunday and I am happy to say that the six that I put up there last week are still there and they are working because there were hardly any sled tracks up near the railroad tracks which can get you about a $200 ticket and it doesn’t matter that you didn’t know you are supposed to be up there. So for the few dummies that have chose to ignore the signs they cant say they didn’t know when they do get caught. One of the sheriff deputies even came in here to thank me for putting them up. The other thing that even I haven’t seen yet but was informed from a friend is about a new tv show that has been out on the travel channel called Sturgis Raw. Last year if you remember I was in for a couple of brief seconds on True Tvs Full Throttle Saloon, well from this past summer I managed a couple second shot of my self in One Eyed Jacks in one of the Sturgis Raw episodes. I had watched a couple of those shows but never even knew they filmed me so I have a couple more set to record this coming up week and see if I can see it. You cant miss me as I am wearing my body web……and that’s a whole different story. Thanks for checking in. Pete

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