The sledders are coming, the sledders are coming

Been trying to get on here all morning and finally I am at it. Its now 25 and sunny out there and I have to say I don’t like the prediction of 30 plus tomorrow which could hurt what we have.. The only good thing is back to the teens on sunday. The Detroit diesel boys stopped in and Jodi done already blowed up his diesel sled….that guy is just bad luck but the rest of them are having a good time. I forgot to post yesterday morning about trailer counts which I figured would be low. Ramada had 3 and Days Inn had 0, but that was yesterday, this morning there were 18 at the Ramada and 5 at the Days Inn, so that shows that people are  starting to show up.  Its been steady here in the shop this morning. I plowed more snow this morning and I cant believe how big my piles are here already this year. Also had the port a potty delivered yesterday. I have not had a chance to get firewood yet so no campfires. I swear I run around like a chicken and just spin circles trying to get all done that I want. I feel bad there is no fire out there…..So that’s it for today. Thanks for checking in. Pete

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