The Polar Vortex is our Friend

The Polar Vortex is our Friend and he is on the way back for another visit, hopefully bringing us lots more snow .Here is a link to a story on our friend the Vortex    I think that would make a good t shirt too. Conditions are still very good here even without another visit but its going to be a cold week again and that should give us another boost. Sled traffic was light in Frederic yesterday but I did talk to Corey who rode up to the bridge yesterday, he reported choppy trails till Vanderbilt and then I 75 smooth from Vanderbilt north to the bridge. They had a lot more snow than us up that way this past weekend. I did hear of another death up on long lake this weekend, which brings total to 11 this season. Please Ride Safely. Thanks for checking in. Pete

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