The Polar Vortex is our Friend…..minus 21

The polar vortex is our friend waking us up this morning at minus 21 degrees. It is now up to ten degrees and sunny in downtown Frederic at just a little past noon. Riders have been steady in here since 8:30 this morning and everyone is enjoying the cold. Trails were reported to be in superb condition yesterday with riders coming from every direction. Trailer counts were strong this morning at the Days in with 15 and the Ramada with 47. No new snow to speak of overnight but I think we had about 2 new inches during all of yesterday. It was snowing and blowing hard all day. I forgot to mention yesterday about the guy with the cane about the fact that he had only one leg due to his accident which also made me think about one armed Cal who is a regular every year here, he hasn’t shown up yet this year. One armed Cal where are you? Today pics are my polar vortex shirt, and one of the guys that come in from flint, I guess we will call him Gold Grill as he is pictured here, pretty cool gold grill he has there and my truck thermometer on the way here this morning. Thanks for checking in. Pete

IMG_0195 IMG_0196 IMG_0197

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