The Polar Vortex is our Friend

The Polar Vortex is our Friend and it is incredible. Another 8 to 12 inches of fresh powder overnight and its still coming down. I had everything around my building plowed yesterday and now it looks like it hasnt even been touched.
Its  bad enough that I have to plow this but now that I have the storage units I have a whole
ton more to plow. As I was plowing the snow was doing a 2 foot curl like a big snowy surfing wave.  I wish I had a sled with a 160 inch track and 3 inch paddles to go out and
play in this, abosolutely incredible. Been working on getting the front room in order and
presentable for when the riders do get here. Link to video I did around outside here is here.
Thanks for checking in and keep up the snow chants. Pete    For some reason I cant get the video I did this morning to post here, so its going to be on my facebook sledheads page or on my you tube chanel……sorry


photo 3

photo 5photo 4photo 2photo 1

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