The party is almost over

Sunny again in frederic today, the trails are getting alot of water on them and the snow went down quite a bit yesterday. There are still fields full of snow so if you wanted to trailer to a place you could unload and ride but at least there is snow till the end of the riding season. Trails officially close sunday night so I have to say it was a pretty darn good season even without having snow most of january…Now if we can only do it again next year. Thank you to all of you that came in this winter and bought goodies from me here. I have to say I didnt have any spam all season but thanks to those of you that did bring me some spam. All the regulars that stopped in along with the new regulars its always good to see everyone. I logged 1330 miles on my machine this year which is the most miles in a long time…..I like that. I will continue to update thru the summer and  try to do it every couple weeks, mostly its my life story but if any news comes up I will throw that in too. Of course if I make any trips I will be on here with where I am at and hopefully I will have a couple fun ones in there. I hope to hit Sturgis again this summer….and Haley gets out of school today for spring break. I still need to get a final report into for the last of my trail updates. That had to give Sledheads a whole lot of exposure this winter on the airwaves so a big thank you out to JC and his gang at Blarneystone Broadcasting for that. Thanks for checking in. Pete

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