The party is almost over

The week has flown by here in Sturgis, there has only been rain at night which has been good, Monday night at the full throttle was Brett Michaels and it was a huge downpour. Tuesday night we went to dinner in deadwood and were in the midnight star casino, I turned around and was standing next to Travis Tritt. He was playing at full throttle Wednesday night and I was going to go but the rain started up about 8 so I didn’t want to go thru that again. Been getting some nice bike rides in, about 550 miles so far, today did crazy horse, needles highway and mount rushmore. All roads in great conditions and lots of fun turns, just have to take them slow. Yesterday Big John stopped by to say hi, and today a couple guys said they thought I looked familiar and they too were snowmobilers that come to sledheads like big john, they were from defiance ohio. Funny how you run into people so far away. Tommorow is the last day of the rally and things will be winding down. Time to pack up and head on back to Frederic…below are some pictures. I am pretty sure out of all the bikes in Sturgis I was the only one with a ski doo cover. Thanks for checking in. Pete

IMG_7428 IMG_7442 IMG_7593 IMG_7538 IMG_7531 IMG_7562 IMG_7581


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