The Moving Wall

The moving wall has been in Grayling just north of town on Old 27 for two days now and will be here thru Monday at 2. A must see if you happen to be in Grayling. The last time it was in town here was in 1990. There were 6 men from Grayling who died in Viet Nam and I looked up each of their names on the wall. Truly something to see if you haven’t been to DC to see the real wall. This is a half scale replica and it is open to view 24 hours until the closing ceremony on Monday. I never knew any of these 6 men but have been friends over the years with 4 out of the 6 families and haveĀ felt their loss with them. We got back into Grayling from our trip last Saturday after an early morning tour of Chicago which was nice as their was no traffic downtown and it was easy getting a quick tour with a visit to the bean. Nothing exciting in Grayling or Frederic in the past couple weeks, just still horses, Harleys and atvs passing thru. Its been pretty hot and the lake has had some incredible sunsets this week. So that’s it in a nutshell. Thanks for checking in and Thank You For Your Service to All our Troops.IMG_6496 Blaauw J Blaauw Borchers C Borchers D Smith Smith J Russ Russ Hatfield (2) M Hatfield Fairbothom R Fairbothom

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