The morning got away from me

Wow, I cant believe its almost noon, got here about 9:30 and been doing things and kinda forgot to get on here after all its a big day. Its the day before the opening of the 2012-2013 riding season!!! Unfortunatley the forcast is mid 40s and 50 for sunday so the wait will be on. The only good thing I can say is that this year the first sleds rode in on Nov 26 where the first sleds last year didnt ride in till December 28. Yes you read that right December 28. I did get the new edition of the Hoosier Snowmobiler yesterday so here is a link to their publication

Also just to pass the time here is a link to the firs promo video we did about 10 years ago, boy my girls look young in this, well I looked for that video and couldnt find it for now here is a different one….

Thanks for checking in. Pete

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