The middle of August already

Wow this month is already half gone…Its been a cool summer so I guess I hit it just right for the summer not to have a pontoon. Last weekend I took the girls down to Hasting to an archery shoot where we had a good time and then onto moving Melissa back into Ferris. That made for a long weekend. The National Guard has some heavy duty training going on around Crawford County this week so there is a lot of big booms going off in the distance. We had some very heavy rains earlier in the week but thank goodness nothing like what happened in Detroit.

I too was shocked with the suicide of Robin Williams and have read many articles this week as I am sure we all have. Of course I have always liked him and used to love to watch Mork & Mindy. Nine and half years ago I had my own experience with suicide when my friend Charlie ended his life on the banks of the Ausable River. It was some of the hardest days in my life and you never get over the question in your head is there something that I could have done to keep him from doing it. I couldn’t even talk about it for a very long time but as time went on I also talked to many other people that had a close friend or relative that had done the same thing. So below I am posting a picture I took of Charlie in the river at 86 years old and something I saw of Robin Williams online also.

robin williams Charlie in front of house, oct 04

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