Thats the way I like it

In grayling and frederic we have had only a couple more inches overnight but as usual there is more snow north and west of here. I am firing up my sled about ten this morning and heading out that way. There was a guy that called me last night from ohio who wanted to come up but didnt want to ride by himself…I told him to check in with me again later last night but didnt hear from him….so to the guy from toledo, you should have called back……Just before I left last night from Sledheads I had a guy come in who I just couldnt believe, he was complaining about how much the oil was and that he could buy it at grace performance for way less and that he would never come back here again and he hoped I enjoy my summer off and that I am probably going to florida on all the money I am making…he just went on and on. I told him he didnt have to buy it but he just kept on complaining till he walked out the door. I am the first one to admit that oil is overpriced no matter where you go but that guy should get a prize for being the biggest whiner I have ever seen in here. But then on the bright side 2 guys from Ohio came in right after that one of them being Mark Porter from Canfield and he said they had rode over 200 miles yesterday. They had been all over,mancelona north up to wolverine down to gaylord to lovells to here and said they had not seen many sleds but riding was better to the northwest….So I am excited this morning and it looks like I am heading out by myself and thinking of towards mancelona towards petoskey and alanson and pellston….there were quite a few schools closed this morning and the snow is supposed to keep coming thru tommorow night….I will try to do updates on my sledheads face book page as the day goes on…I just took this pic of my sled out front of sledheads,,,I am about ready to head out…….Thanks for checking in. Pete


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