Talkeetna, AK

Well I hated to do it yesterday but it was time to move on from the awesome time I had with Doug at Alaskan Spruce Cabins and his superb hospitality. I really have to thank him for the opportunity he gave me to make that journey across the Alaskan Highway and everything he did for me. And to boot his mom was great too and fun to talk to. We spent the day Tuesday going up to Fairbanks to get supplies and pick his daughter up from the airport. One thing about living in remote towns in Alaska is when you go to get supplies you need to stock up for a couple months as from Healy to Fairbanks is 125 miles or if you want to go to Anchorage its 250 miles so you just don’t run to town for a gallon of milk.¬† So yesterday morning I sadly said good bye and headed south with my new friend Big Jim. The great thing about Jim was that he is also friends with my friends Jeff & Laura who live in Valdez and he grew up in Cordova and was also friends with the great Captain Ed Bilderback since he was a kid. And we discovered this just in general conversation as we were driving along. Seems like a small world sometime. Talkeetna is a small little town about 100 miles south of Mt McKinley and this is the staging are for the climbers that want to climb that mountain. They fly out of here to a base camp at 7,000 feet¬† so they can start their climb. I guess it would be the same as Nepal where people start their journey up Mt Everest. Pretty cool little town with several little bars and eating establishements, once again I am going to try to post a pic I took of main street last night and it was ten after 11 when I took it. Still pretty daylight out. So off from here at Latitude 62 in a little bit to head on a bit more south. Thanks for checking in. Pete

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