surprising amount of saturday riders

I have to say that there were way more people riding yesterday than I thought there would be and even this morning I have seen at least 10 sleds in frederic already with 6 of them over at the swamp right now. Trails on the way here this morning still looked still dirty but snow covered up by both high school crossings. Some riders that were just in had rode down from gaylord saying the same thing. We had a quarter inch of snow over night but it was 32 when I left home this morning, yesterday it made it up to 31 but sunny so that hurts. Who knows what we have in store for us this coming week because now several people have told me they have heard of a storm coming but I havent seen anything about it yet….that would be nice to see. Trailer counts in grayling this morning were way low with 1 at the Days Inn and 2 at the Ramada. Last night just before I closed I had a group of five guys come in that were riding so they ended my night. I went home after that and its hard to believe but I fell asleep watching tv and woke up about 11….so I had a second wind and decided to go up to the Ole Barn to see what was going on. I knew they had a band playing last night that was called Assualt the Silence and figured with a name like that, that ear plugs would be in order. When I got there who was sitting there but 4 or the 5 guys that were my last customers. The band started up for their only set of the night which last 2 hours with a whole lot of head banging heavy metal. Sure glad I had ear plugs and I have to say that its been a long time since I have had a new experience in the big town of grayling. I dont know how they can sing screaming like that and slam their heads back and forth like that with all their hair flying too….I am glad I had ear plugs……So its been about a  half hour since I started this and there have  been sleds in and out with riders reporting still o.k. conditions….the couple in here right now went up 679 about 11 to starvation lake and it had just been groomed and that it was a great ride. With the warm weather coming this cant last to much longer…just hoping for the best. Mo Mo Nah Chee Chee Nah….Thanks for checking in. Pete and just in case you want to do a little head banging here is a link to a song from the band from last night.

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