Surprise ! 6 to 8 new inches of SNOW

Surprise ! 6 to 8 new inches of SNOW…..The winter roller coaster continues, it really came down yesterday and while 6 to 8 inches sounds great its a pretty fluffy snow and not much pack to it. Before it ever started snowing yesterday I did see 6 different sleds riding thru Frederic. Now for the lucky few that will make it out there today I think they will have a pretty nice ride especially seeing that Grayling hit all their trails last night. I took a picture of the trail which is below here with fresh groomer marks and nothing else just north of the high school. Keep in mind that everything was hard and icy yesterday morning and that is still down there so I would say any ride you can do now is a great ride but I am going to rate the trails as fair because of the hardness and ice below. Will it last thru the weekend who knows, its 23 degrees out right now and calm out there. I have been plowing snow all morning and that is always fun. Our rental cottage is still available for this weekend if any of you are looking for a nice place to stay. Thanks for checking in. Pete

trail 7 looking west wed morn

trail 7 looking west wed morn north of high school


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