Superb isĀ  a word I have never used in my trail updates but thats what I would say the trails that AVSA in grayling takes care of right now. I talked to Keith this morning and he was heading out with the groomer for an 8 hour day of grooming and I think things already looked great. Remember those groomer drivers are volunteers and thank them when you see them or in Keiths case stay at his motel, Fays Motel, or in my case stay at my cottage, Wayside Inn. I had a guy leave the cottage this morning and I was in there at 6 this morning getting it ready for the new people that are coming in today. I like it when its like that. Its supposed to stay cold all weekend with some more snow falling today…..So the outlook for presidents weekend is great. Yesterday I was in and out of here but as I came back in one time I ran into Susanna from Indiana who was here for a second time this week. She was a pretty happy lady in here with her husband and she said she felt like she knows me from reading all my ramblings. Alot of people come in to meet me and tell me that and thats a good feeling. I should have did a short video clip with her. I also just want to say a quick thing about the people that were on the cruise ship that were all up in arms about no electric bathroom or A/c…..heck the mountain man would have loved that and not complained a bit… that makes me think of a new contest….and it involves the mountain man again. The first person to bring me a picture of themselves with the mountain while he is holding his tomahawk or his axe gets one night free at the grayling ramada inn which they donated to me. So your task is find the mountain and also maybe take him a sandwhich and when you ask him for his pic in his mountain man furs ask him to either get his axe or tomahawk out….dont worry he is not an axe murderer……So if you want a night at the Ramada there is your task..Dont forget to tune it to Q100.3 on your way north to hear my radio updates. Still no one has told me that they have heard who is doing the snowmobile safety speel before my radio updates. ..Thanks for checking in. Pete20130209_175508

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