Sunny sunday morning in Frederic

Its a sunny sunday morning in Frederic, yesterday there was snow in the air most of the day but no real accumulation. It was very quiet around town but I did see two sleds going down the ditch across the street and when I left about 5 last night there were two sleds over at the swamp. I had to go to Mancelona to show some property yesterday afternoon and it was like a winter blizzard over there. It looked good enough to take a sled on to me but I have to say I was surprised that I never saw a sled over there. As I came back across 612 by Manistee lake I did see fresh tracks at the trail crossings. Still what I would say poor conditions here in town but 2 sleds just zoomed by on the side of the road. I hope they come in for carbides and slides….oops there they go north  again, right down the side of the road and they didn’t even stop in. That’s about it for today. Maybe some riders coming back from the u.p. will stop by today. Thanks for checking in. Pete

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