Sunny Sunday and 50 degrees

Its a sunny sunday and 50 degrees here in beautiful non snowy downtown Frederic. Snow continues to recede at a record pace. The snowpiles that I had out here in the parking lot that were¬† four feet tall and out back are all down to about 1 foot tall. The huge piles I had at Sledheads Storage down the street are almost gone and I can drive anywhere on that property now. As I pulled into Frederic this morning there were 4 wheelers at the gas station, I have seen motorcycles riding thru town and I would imagine it wont be long till I start seeing horses tied up outside of the Swamp or Frederic Inn…..You can see by the picture below that I took out front his morning at how fast it has changed. I am still going to wait till after the first of the month to change the signs on the building from the winter ones to the summer signs. I guess at this stage of the game we should just hold the snow chants for December 1st but then again who knows we still may get one more surprise blast of snow. Thanks for checking in. Pete¬† also a shout out to Jim W in Pennsylvannia who sent me a nice note this morning.


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