Sunny Sunday @ 34 degrees

Its a sunny sunday morning at 34 degrees. Not what any of us want to see including the Joyce gang from Chicago who would rather be riding. One of them just talked to a bunch of riders down at the gas station that are here from Pittsburgh and they said they are riding no matter what. I hope he reminded them that I sell carbides and slides. Suprisingly there were quite a few sleds out and about yesterday and at one time I counted 25 over at the swamp. Riders were reporting both bad and good spots which should be expected. My back parking lot has a lake in it. Trailer counts this morning were zero at the Days Inn and still 9 at the Ramada. All winter I have been wondering what has happened to Ohio Herb and finally yesterday he called me up. He usually comes up once a year to ride. It was good to hear from him but I don’t know when we are going to be able to go out and ride. Last night we took a ride in the truck out to Luzerne to check out the new Ma Deeters. Its looking pretty good on the outside. It was dark otherwise I would have took a picture of it. From there we turned and went towards Lewiston and had dinner at the Rustic Inn. Its good to see that place open again. A good dinner and a really nice place. From there we went on into Lewiston and I stopped at Talleys to drop off some of my Sledheads cards and talked to Bird there who also owns Ma Deeters. He said they are hoping to open up by June so that will be nice. I am putting pics below of my new Sledheads cards from this year. I have them all over the place and if you come in please pick some up from me and pass them around to your friends or place you may frequent. That’s about it for today. Thanks for checking in. Pete

sledheads 2 2016 sledheads 2016

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