Sunny & Kool….

Its 24 here in frederic this morning and no new snow since yesterday. The sad thing is that the weather forcast is calling for 40s this weekend when its the first official weekend of the riding season. The video I posted yesterday of the first sleds in of the season has almost 3400 views on it so that tells me everyone is hyped and ready to get out there. I also see the likes on my sledheads facebook page has jumped by about 200 in the past few days. My daughter Haley and I went for a ride in my truck thru the two tracks about 4 miles west of grayling yesterday, I was really looking for deer but wanted to see what the snow was like out there. I measured 3 different spots in untouched snow and had 12 inches on the tape each time. I had heard of more than that even more west but it was a nice ride but we didnt see any deer. Seeing that the mountain man isnt here with me anymore it seems that I have aquired some new squatters. There have been 5 piegons hanging out here for at least a month now. They are in the yard when I get here pecking around in the grass or all 5 setting on my roof or on the power line. My friend tells me they are territorial and arent going to leave so we are going to put a box out there for them to hang out in. I did see some more sled tracks out back most likely from someone in the nieghborhood and have heard from several other people that said they have been out for a ride including a guy that stopped in yesterday and said he was riding up near lakes of the north. Thats about it for today. Thanks for checking in and remember if you look down to the bottom right of my post on my page you can sign up for auto emails so you get my post as soon as I post. Pete

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