Sunny & Cool in Frederic

Been home since late Friday night and figured I should get on here, had a great smooth trip home and just before I left I noticed the license plate on the car we had out there and I especially liked the bottom line on it, I just wish it was true for here. Last week I wrote about the motorcycle accident that happened in Grayling. It turns out that I knew the rider that was killed. Kelly Curtis was 53 and used to live here but has been in the u.p. for a long time. He was on his way to help his Dad stack wood. I attended his funeral on Saturday. He was an air force veteran and it was a Military funeral along with the Patriot Guard Riders being present also. Tough Deal for everyone. I have thought a lot about this since then and came to this conclusion, We all keep riding snowmobiles even though there are many sled fatalaties and the bikers keep riding too. The big difference is in I would say in 99% of the sled accidents its the riders fault and it the motorcycle accidents its the other way around. 99% of the time it is not the riders fault as was the case in Kellys accident. I will be at the Firemens Memorial this coming weekend in Roscommon, so if you happen to be down there and see my Sledheads trailer there stop in and say hi…..Thanks for checking in. Pete

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