Sunny & Cold with about 5 inches of new snow

Its sunny and cold out with about 5 inches of new snow since yesterday. It was snowing and blowing all day yesterday. Never did see any sleds in Frederic, I was here till ten last night and it was a tough drive home. I would say after plowing and looking at what I have this morning that it is time to go out there right now. I still wouldn’t expect great riding but it is a start. I checked out the Gaylord trail this morning and no tracks on it and also no signs of the groomer either but I would bet they are coming soon. There is a lot of snow on the trail but I don’t think so much that it would be blowing over your windshield making it hard to see. That’s the best I can say for now and here is the video on the grayling groomers first time out. Thanks for checking in. Pete


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