Sunny and very cool in downtown Frederic

Another week has flown by in the great north. You notice I didn’t put white in great north, but from the feel of it, its not to far away. Frost warning for tonight. Nothing to exciting has happened in the past week. First of all I want to send a Happy 50th Anniversary to my number one customers and friends Bruce & Judy Young. They are here this weekend and are going to celebrate by going our riding side by sides tomorrow. Bruce is pictured below here standing next to his SSR…..right as Bruce was leaving this morning these 3 side by sides pulled up so here is a pic of them too…….Winter is getting closer. Next weekend I will be down in Roscommon for the firemens memorial so stop by and say hi if you are down that way. One more thing, to the first 3 people that call me here at the shop after reading this and telling a few of their friends about my site, call me@ 989 Dig Snow,  and I will mail you a card for a buy one get one free Spike Burger at Spikes Keg O Nails in downtown Grayling. I have the envelopes and cards setting here and ready to go. Thanks for checking in. Pete

photo photo1


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