Sunny and cool Friday in Frederic

Its a sunny but cool noon time in Frederic, the train just passed thru town heading north. Side by sides are out along with 4 wheelers. Sam Jackson stopped by as they were riding side by sides today, they are out having a good run and they really teased me with pictures of ohio mushrooms which are huge compared to what we find around here. I took off on an overnight trip to Raleigh on Tuesday morning even after my late night of closing down the Frederic inn on Monday night. That’s the first time I have ever done that but I have to say it was a fun night. A big thank you to Chubby Roger for buying dinner…..I was on a roll there for 3 nights at becoming a professional dinner eater. On sunday night I was in the u.p. so thank you to Patty & Andy at the Clark Motel for dinner that night. Monday night after an invite from Chubby Roger to buy dinner for not only me but Cathy and Haley too and then Tuesday night in Raleigh a big thank you to my friend Steve Kramer for a great north Carolina barbeque dinner. The streak ended after that but its great to have great friends. Its my turn next time…actually Roger just called me a bit ago and wanted to take me to lunch at Spikes…..sometimes I just have to work…….Nothing else exciting to report so thanks for checking in. Pete IMG_5256 IMG_5258 IMG_5260 IMG_5261

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