Sunny and 21

Its sunny and 21 at noon thirty here in Frederic. No new snow overnight so getting a chance to get things cleaned up with the plow then I am going to put it in the back room and let it thaw out. Quite a few sleds thru here already today for a Monday. I talked to Bob over at the Swamp yesterday as he was outback plowing and making room for trailer parking over there. He got a new truck and plow so he is getting some heavy use on it. You can park there or also I have my lot too out back behind the shop. A few pics here from yesterday plus another new shirt I got in today. Also like I said yesterday STAY OFF THE LAKES….. now there have been 2 drownings and a fall thru but rescued at Howes Lake. All 3 of these were fisherman, so if there isn’t enough for a guy fishing there isn’t enough for a sled.   Thanks for checking in. Pete img_3017 img_3018 img_3019 img_3029 img_3030

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