Sunny & 29 in Fredericanville

I was a bit late getting in here today as I had to take the beagle into the vet for her annual tune up. I certainly dont like the looks of the forcast for the rest of the week and if the warmth comes like they are predicting its not gonna be pretty. Sled traffic was very slow all day yesterday with only a few around town. I got a picture from Hard of hearing mike and Sandy who were in pennsylvania riding for the weekend. I will post that below here, she said she was representing frederic in Pa so thank you to her for that. I have heard of at least 2 deaths over the weekend from sled accidents and am posting  a link to a pretty harsh article that a doctor wrote about what he sees in the e r from sled accidents. Just another reminder of how dangerous it really can be out there.     Also I have been forgetting to mention that if you are driving north or in within about 80 miles of grayling tune in to 101.1 or 100.3 fm to hear my trail updates that the radio station is broadcasting. Thanks to Blarney Stone Broadcasting for that. Thanks for checking in. Petesandy in pennsylvania Sandy in Pennsylvania riding this past weekend.beagles lifeThe Snowmobeagle relaxing after a morning at the vet.

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