Sundy morning at Lake Margrethe

Its a cool morning here this morning. After a day of cleaning campers yesterday and a short inner tube float in the lake yesterday we finished the night off down at Merritt Speedway for the World of Outlaws race. That was a nice night. Friday night I was down to Spikes to see Wayne off for his trip to Alaska. I am going to paste his first report in below here but first I have to say it always amazes me on where and how many people read my web site here. I always enjoy writing this and its been quite a while since I have done a really big adventure. I keep thinking about a trip around the world and am trying to figure out how I can pull that off. For about the past year I have been all about airline and hotel miles and somehow I keep trying to figure out how to do it but that’s a different story and project. So here is Waynes first report.

Finally got on the road Friday night.  Pete Kocefes saw me off.   Stayed in Epoufette, MI (Cut River Bridge) at the Skyline Motel.  They have a couple great restaurants there but I was too late and left too early.  Traffic was pretty heavy and it was good to see the motels in the UP filled up.

Everything went well until after Ashland, WI (Deepwater Grill – great atmosphere and fish sandwiches) when at a routine (shake everything to see if its loose) stop i discovered a bracket for one of my high intensity driving lights had broken.  After securing it and visiting two hardware stores and running into one real helpful guy I was back on the road.  At the Iron River, WI hardware these guys chat me up while I am wrenching on the lights and ask me where I am from. I tell them and he says “do you know Pete the Greek – I read his web site”.  I told him I hadn’t seen Pete since last night.
Of course hardware time is not road time.   Got behind.
The weather has been great.  The bike is running great and the fuel cell is giving me a range of 250+ miles. The body is even doing pretty good.
The first time we tried this my life long (we were born on the same day and our mothers shared a room at the hospital) buddy (Howard) hit a deer on the first day and we spent a bunch of time in Grand Forks, N.D. checking out their medical care program.  He is taking a break from riding.  If you can’t see the bottom of a ditch you assume a deer is down there wanting to mess up your life.
Even with the bracket problems this has been a much better start.  I went thru Grand Forks earlier and will stay in Rugby, N.D. tonight.  They say this is a transition weekend for the oil crews so it is hard to get a room.
I should be crossing into Canada tomorrow and will send you an update.
For those that don’t know – The Roscommon Rotary Club sent an e-mail on Thursday announcing that they will making a $500 contribution to Polio Plus for the ride.
End Polio Now
Its late (or early) got to go.
Regards to all – its not too late to ask someone to make a contribution to Polio Plus.
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