Sunday nite 6:00 p.m.

Its sunday night at 6 p.m. here in Frederic, there have been a lot of sleds around, I got here at 9 this morning and was pretty steady on traffic till about 1 when I was going to head out for a sled ride. Well as luck would have it Cathy called me and asked me if I wanted to go cross country skiing with her and Haley and of course I said I would love too, so I was gone all afternoon to Higgins lake cross country skiing which really was very nice. Got back here a little after 5 and there are still a lot of people out riding so I am staying open till 7. Mark and Amanda from Bowling Green just stopped in on their way back from riding in the Keewanaw, they reported great riding up there as I am sure it is. So that’s my quick and late report for sunday. Snow is still holding but I am still hoping that the weatherman is wrong for later this week. Next a picture of us skiing today  for proof that I can get away from here for a little while. Trailer counts this moring were 36 at the Ramada and 8 at the Days inn. Thanks for checking in. Pete

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