Sunday Morning

Its sunday morning and I have to say that I was surprised at the amount of riders yesterday in Frederic. It did work out just right that we had a little snow on top of the icy conditions that we had and the people that were out were having a good time. The timing of that just enough snow to give us some lubrication and cooling couldn’t have been better. Now this morning was another ten below night but no new snow. I would imagine there will still be some sleds out and about again today. I heard from Josh last night again who was staying at the Ramada and he said they had some very good riding yesterday but also some bad areas. So that’s about it about the Frederic neighborhood and now I am going to talk about the u.p. Jeff and his Snow Princess Diane were still having a great time riding out of Paradise yesterday. Friday was towards the Soo and down to Rudyard and yesterday was Paradise to Grand Marias where Jeff said it was some of his best riding of the season, and they have done a lot of it. Below I am going to post pictures he sent me from the Grand Marais area that they took yesterday,┬áthe gas station, Lake Superior Brewing Company, The bra tree, the motel parking lot in Paradise. I had a u.p. trip planned for about this time but it just didn’t work out this year as I am still here in Kalamazoo with my mom. I also want to send a Happy Birthday shout out to Fred from Brighton who is a regular in here too. Thanks for checking in. Pete

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