Sunday Afternoon 1:30

Its up to sunday afternoon, riders coming in here all morning are reporting great trails. We certainly could use a new shot of snow though. Trail crossings looked great on the way up here this morning. I should have got a picture last night but the Gaylord Groomer actually stopped here last night and he was heading north so that was good and I know Grayling was out last night too. Just a reminder to everyone that my friends from Darkside Adventures will start their annual journey and ride thru Quebec. Rod and Bob who will do anything to get away from their hometown of Flint and the drinking water there are off for another years adventure. You can follow them by GPS or read Rods Frost Bytes blog that he writes on their 2000 mile adventure thru Quebec. You can follow them at their website Darkside Adventures Ski Up Tour 2016   I so wish I could go with them some year. PIctures below are from the swamp and Saturday and this morning the trail crossing just north of the Grayling high school and then the tire tracks and the impact on the tree that Tim hit while avoiding a sled that blew thru the trail stop sign just past that trail crossing. Now because of that sled riders carelessness and not even enough consideration to stop Tim is still in the hospital. Please Ride Safely. The Michigan State Police were out on patrol on the railroad engines yesterday too. They had 2 engines patrolling the railroad tracks with their big Michigan State Police emlems on the train. I also still have the side panel that was found for the apex here. Another guy called yesterday wanting to sell me a hood for a sled that he found on the trail. Real nice of him. I told him to just bring it in and I would try to find the owner. Thanks for checking in. Pete

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