Sun, Sun, go away

Sun, Sun, Go away, things were going well yesterday till the sun popped out about 2. After that it seemed like the sledders disappeared. Riders were steady thru here but the sun just eats up what little we do have out there on the trails. Well there is still snow out there what is on the trails is well worn. Regardless of that there were many people in yesterday and had a good time talking and hearing stories from many. Now we are waiting for more snow to help get things going again. Here is a link to a story about 4 riders who should have known better down by Houghton lake.    There is only ice near shore on lake margrethe and we are a long ways off from there being any type of “safe” ice out there. STAY OFF OF ICE>>>  Also A Happy Birthday to Sledhead Kristina……Thanks for checking in. Pete


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