Summer is here

Summer is here and I am still here too. Its hard to believe three weeks have gone by without me being on here. I haven’t even been away anywhere just here working. I finally saw my first horses of the season tied up behind the Frederic Inn this week. Still lots of Harleys and atvs and side by sides rolling thru too. I added to my real estate holdings in Frederic by doubling the size of my property I own at my storage facility along with a new pole barn too. Still lots of room for outside storage and room to build more buildings. Lots of things going on in northern Michigan this weekend. The Frederic Music Festival kicks off today with lots of music in the park today and tomorrow. Below are a couple pictures of the park being set up from Thursday. Its all Free and fun for all. Bring your own chairs and drinks. In Grayling at the former Bear Mountain now known as Hanson Hills the Michigan Traditional Bowhunters have their annual shoot going on there and up in Saint Ignace the big car show is going on. I would love to be at all 3 events but I really need a helicopter. I saw an unusal thing at the Grayling airport yesterday as their were too private jets there at the same time, both about 12 passenger planes. You don’t see that to often.

Also on a different note when we went on spring break we stopped at my friend Franks parents bow shop in West Virginia for a visit with them. They had a nice place their in the hills and Franks mom Cathy said she was hoping to get her 20th Bear this year with a bow. Well this week she landed her 20th bear up in New Brunswick. Cathy is a true shot and I send a large Congratulations out to her…….Below is a picture of her and her husband Frank along with another guy that was there too…..Thanks for checking in. Pete


IMG_1475 IMG_1476 Cathy & Frank Cathy & Ted

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