Sturgis Bound

Well the big weekend in Grayling is over with the canoe marathon being busy as ever and the end of it being interrupted by a big storm. So the so called summer marches on. We are still without a pontoon but I have spent a couple nights at the camper which has been nice but cool. Big John Morin  just stopped by here in Frederic on his way to Sturgis on his Fire Bike. Last year he and his dad stopped by here on their way back from Sturgis. Me on the other hand this year I am sitting it out as much as it hurts to do so. I always like all the excitement and action out there. I took a picture of  Big John that is below here and he is well on his way now… year I plan on riding my bike out there. That’s about it for today. Thanks for checking in. Pete

big john

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