Still waiting but its getting closer

STILL waiting for the snow but the weather man says its getting closer. Its 6:45 a.m. Thursday morning, winds are still blowing and there is just a skiff of new snow and that’s not enough to count for much at about 23 degrees out here at Lake Margrethe this morning. They claim more lake effect is coming today so lets see what happens. The cold and winds from yesterday should help stiffen up the ground. I know we have to start some where but I am still not to hyped up yet. I did have 3 of my four sleds fired up yesterday just in case. I still haven’t sold even one trail permit yet. A couple things I have been meaning to mention. First of all my thoughts and prayers have been with the Alabama boys as their leader Mr Suttles had a stroke a while back and is working and recovering from that. So keep the Alabama boys in your thoughts. Last Saturday was small business Saturday and I have to say that my business was up a 100 percent from the day before as I didn’t have anyone in on Friday but I did have one person come in on Saturday.. Then as if it hasn’t been exciting enough in Frederic about 5 last night I was surprised to see none other than the Mountain Man himself walking in the door. I haven’t seen him in about 3 months. He is still camped out somewhere over by Manistee Lake. Once we really do get rolling for winter it will be nice to see the normal cast of characters that show up around Frederic. In the meantime I am heading off to our weekly real estate meeting at Century 21, then I can wait and see what the next 24 hours brings us. The news this morning is showing snow all over the country but it certainly isn’t like that around here or at least not yet. Thanks for checking in. Pete

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