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Still waiting on winter to hit us, weather is supposed to start warming up again tomorrow. I have talked to several riders that are heading to the u.p. to have some fun and that’s where it will all be at if you want to ride this weekend even though its supposed to warm up there too. The Darkside Adventures crew is well on their way for their fun and there is snow in Quebec where they are at. Pics below is from their visit at the Ice Hotel in Quebec City. They have stayed in it before but chose to stay in the warmer part of the Marriot. I am pasting an excerpt from their blog just to show you things don’t always go as planned. Thanks for checking in. Pete

9 riders and 3 trucks and trailers left Flint, Michigan on Monday, 1/22/18, at approximately 9am.  We had an approximately 740 mile ride to get to our Launch Site of Bon Air Motel in Pont-Rouge Quebec.  As usual, we laid over a little more than 1/2 way in Kingston, Ontario.  Our usual location, the Courtyard by Marriott with a Boston’s Pizza across the parking lot where plans and schemes are hatched.

The first exciting thing that happened to the Team was while gathering in the bar at Boston’s Pizza to order dinner, the dining room began filling up with smoke.  The drinks were comped and we were politely asked to vacate the premises as 4 engines of Kingston’s finest fire fighters rolled into the parking lot and began climbing the roof and looking for the source.  Fortunately we were able to book our reservations for Super Bowl Sunday before we got the boot!

A new plan was hatched, as we are problem solvers, so we went back to the hotel lobby bar, and promptly cleaned them out of their stock of beer. Being the problem solvers we are, we then passed the collection hat, called a taxi, and sent Vinnie the Truck Driver to the corner “Beer Store” to fetch more.  While he was gone, the local Pizza Hut was dispatched to deliver us 3 large pizzas’ for dinner!  Problem solved, that’s what we do.

The second exciting event of our evening occured at around 3am.  Every fire alarm in every room, on every floor went off!  We were told to vacate the hotel now.  After 20 minutes of waiting for the hotel staff to determine the cause, it was declared a false alarm and we could go back to our room.  However, the alarms in every room on every floor were still going off.  They could not be turned off until the fire department showed up to turn them off!  That was another 10-15 minutes.  By 3:45 silence was restored and sleep resumed, mostly.

Ice Hotel in Quebec City

Ice Hotel in Quebec City

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