still sunny but cold

It got pretty sunny yesterday but stayed cold but I would say along with the sun we lost snow. I could see my parking lot on the south getting darker. A fair amount of sleds out riding on monday but unfortunately I didnt get to join them. I cant believe all the great conditions we have had and that I havent got to get out there and ride. The forcast for the rest of the week isnt going to make things any better yet. Just talked to a couple guys that are gonna try for the bridge tommorow and that sounds good to me. I did take a ride late yesterday afternoon in my truck,. I picked up a 12 pack of bud and a little ceasers pizza and took it to the mountain man and wished him happy birthday. Today is the birthday of another one of my hobbies, and that would be the 111th birthday of Fred Bear. I collect anything Fred Bear or Bear Archery, actually sometimes I feel more like a hoarder. So thats it for today. Thanks for checking in and if I am not on here by noon tommorow you might watch for a check in from me on the trail to mackinaw.

Fred Bear  111th 2

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