Still nice and cold

Its 11 degrees here in frederic this morning and we had about a half inch of new snow overnight. I measured a couple spots outside this morning on where snow hasnt been touched and I get about 6 to7 inches. We could use a nice big shot of new snow. I talked to Doug Shepard in southern ohio last night and he said they had over a foot of new snow there…now if they could only send that north. Sled traffic was steady in Frederic yesterday and I expect more to keep rolling in. Motel survey this morning was 2 trailers at the Days Inn and 19 trailers at the Ramada so that is encouraging. Gas in Grayling is 3.15 a gallon and as a welcome to northern michigan the only station in frederic is at 3.39 so I just thought I would throw that out there. The trail along m 93 near hanson hills is very rough as usual till things get really frozen over. Crossings up by the high school are white but thin looking in spots. The cold is really helping things hold. The groomer was thru frederic yesterday pulling a supply trailer so they can continue clearing the trails. If you have a small hand saw to carry with you it wouldnt hurt to help get things out of the way for the groomers or you might get into a spot where you will need it to help yourself out. We sold alot of trail permits yesterday and its nice to see alot of faces that I havent seen since last year. Thanks for checking in. Pete

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